Kristi Yamaguchi Named Spokesperson for Alpine Lace

Posted on April 17, 2014

Kristi Yamaguchi named spokesperson for Alpine Lace

Olympic figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi has been named spokesperson for Alpine Lace Deli Cheese. Kristi won the gold for the U.S. at the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville. She is also the author of two bestselling children's books, Dream Big, Little Pig! and Itís a Big World, Little Pig!. Kristi lives with her husband, Bret, and two daughters, Keara and Emma. She says is focusing on wellness and has ditched dull diets and tedioius workouts.

Kristi says, "I know that wellness is more than just the numbers on a package. Sure, I read nutrition labels and I love that Alpine Lace Swiss Cheese has 25 percent less fat, but it's just as important for me to choose foods that taste great and fit my lifestyle."

Alpine Lace says Kristi will represent the brand through appearances, events and social media conversations.

Photo: Alpine Lace