Lady Gaga Meets Giant Replica Dolls in Tokyo

Posted on December 2, 2013

Lady Gaga is in Japan to promote her new album, Artpop. The album is already number one in Japan. It hit #1 in the U.S., but has dropped on the charts after the first week. Gaga posed with four life-size replica dolls made by Orient Industry, a Japanese manufacturer who makes love dolls. They are quite advanced, using precise anatomical measurements and silicone skin that is as realistic as can be made today.

At a news conference Gaga addressed reporters, declaring her happiness with the dolls. "They look so much like me. I respect your art... and the detail you put into the dolls." The dolls are not for sale yet, but they will be. They were made in cooperation with her record label. If you press your ear to the dolls' chests you can hear Gaga's songs and some secret messages.

Gaga is also in Tokyo to raise money for her charity which supports the Tohoku region of Japan which was deeply affected by the earthquake. She will be auctioning off a life size Hello Kitty Gaga doll for the charity. Gaga declared her love for the country and its people. Take a look: