Lea Michele Talks Scream Queens and Success With Flare Magazine

Posted on September 5, 2015

Lea Michele covers Flare magazine October 2015 issue

Actress and singer Lea Michele covers the October 2015 issue of Flare magazine. She wears a Micheal Kors dress on the cover along with bracelets by Yuwei Designs. The cover shoot was photographed by Nino Munoz with styling by Isabel Dupre.

Lea Michele became known for her role as Rachel Berry on Glee. She sang many songs in Glee and on the Glee soundtracks. The show helped establish her as a strong singer and she went on to launch her first album in March 2014 called Louder. She also released her first book last year, Brunette Ambition.

Lea's next big role is in another Ryan Murphy television series called Scream Queens. It will premiere September 22 on Fox. Lea plays a neck-brace wearing character named Hester. She described some creepy and disgusting things that happen in the series.

Lea says, "This isn't that serious-we're just drinking Emma's pee water and getting buried up to our necks and burying dead bodies and s--t like that, and I had to stick my finger into a pustulous cyst on the show the other day and it was disgusting."

The Scream Queens series is a horror comedy but it also has a feminist message according to Lea and Ryan Murphy. Lea tells Flare, "I think that the feminist message in Scream Queens is that girls are f---ing badass. Ryan was saying the show is totally girl power. It's mainly a female cast, all of whom are incredibly talented, strong and successful women. But also, think of any scary movie: it's not the strong man that survives in the end; it's the girl. Girls are so much stronger than they know, and especially more than society makes them believe they are."

Lea also talked about being proud of her success. She tells Flare, "I'm so proud of my success. I'm really proud of the life I've built and created for myself. I've kept my head on my shoulders to get to where I am. You're always going to run into critics. The only people I care about are the people that are close to me. It's a tough business, it's a tough town, and you really have to have a thick skin. I'm constantly learning, but I'm really proud of where I am."

You can view the photos from Lea's Flare cover shoot here. Here is the behind-the-scenes video:

Photo: Flare