Lego Fusion Combines Lego Bricks With an App

Posted on July 10, 2014

Lego Fusion Town Master box

Lego Fusion is a new product from Lego that will arrive in August 2014. Lego Fusion combines Lego bricks with an app for Android and iOS smartphone and tablet games. This is a clever concept that should be a popular holiday toy.

The sets include a Lego Fusion plate that players use to build a Lego structure. The Lego structure you build can then be captured with the Lego Fusion app and your device's camera. This puts your Leg brick design in the virtual world as a 3D object that becomes part of the game. Some of the games issue new challenges for players to build new physical Lego objects.

Lego Fusion Battle Towers

There are three Lego Fusion sets launching in August and September. They include Town Master, Battle Towers, Create & Race and Resort Designer. Lego Fusion Battle Towers sounds like the most fun to us. You construct a tower with Lego bricks and then protect the virtual version from invaders, which include skeleton armies and bad wizards. Create & Race is a racing game where you build the cars out of Lego bricks. Town Master involves building components of a virtual town using Lego bricks and Resort Designer has players build vacation homes and shops that become part of a virtual resort named Ambersands Beach.

Lego Fusion Create & Race

This video from Lego gives you an idea of how each of the four Lego Fusion sets and games work. The games will each cost $34.99 and will be sold at Lego stores and Toys R Us. Lego should also consider Lego Fusion products for the major game consoles, such as Wii U, Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. Take a look:

Photos: Lego

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