LG Unveils New Robots Including Hub Robot at CES 2017

Posted on January 4, 2017

LG Hub Robot

LG unveiled several new robots at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show. The robots include a mowing robot, an airport greeting robot and an industrial vacuum robot. LG also introduced Hub Robot, which is designed for home use where it will act as a smart home gateway and personal assistant.

The Hub Robot (pictured above) contains Amazon's Alexa voice technology. It is small robot with a digital display for a face. The robot can move, swivel and nod. It can recognize the faces of different family members. LG is also planning for mini versions of the Hub Robot.

LG sees its Airport Guide Robot (pictured below) as a "traveler's best friend." The robot can scan a passenger's tickets and provide information such as weather, flight boarding time and gate information. It can also provide directions. LG also introduced an industrial sized vacuum robot that can clean large buildings such as airports.

LG Airport Guide Robot

The new lawn mowing robot was inspired from technology developed for LG's HOM-BOT vacuum cleaner. It features advanced sensors, bumpers and obstacle identification. LG says it also has a "fast-moving blade that leaves lawns looking impeccable."

Pricing and availability for the new bots has not yet been announced. Here is a good recap of LG's robot press conference at CES 2017 from IGN News. Take a look:

Photos: LG