LG Unveils Rollable and Transparent OLED Display

Posted on July 11, 2014

LG 18 inch rollable TV prototype

LG has unveiled a new 18-inch OLED display that is both rollable and transparent. The future will feature very flexible displays that can be rolled up. This will make them very portable and useful for business. It will also mean televisions that can be rolled up and carried around.

Flexible screens are not new as a concept but they are now getting closer to mass market production. LG says in a release that its 18-inch display proves that it will be able to launch rollable TVs of 50 inches or larger for the consumer market in the future. Consumers probably are not going to want to be constantly rolling and unrolling their television, but a large 100+ inch rollable screen could be rolled out for a party or movie night. Portable TVs could also be easily moved from room to room. The transparency does not seem as useful for a standard television as you don't really want to see what is behind your TV. However, it does have many uses as a business display.

LG 18 inch transparent TV display

LG says the TV has an HD resolution of 1200 x 810 with nearly 1 million mega-pixels. The curvature radius is 30R. The company says it plans to have a flexible and transparent Ultra HD OLED TV of 60 inches or more by 2017. It is not clear when these TVs will start being sold at electronics stores but you probably should not expect to be able to own one earlier than late 2017.

Photos: LG

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