Lolo Jones' Olympic Beauty Routine

Posted on August 15, 2008

Photo of Lolo Jones

Olympic Hurdler Lolo Jones shows off her amazing legs in a new ad for eos' ultra moisturizing shave cream. In support of Lolo's on and off-track feats, eos is donating a portion of its sales during the Olympics to a charity near and dear to the Olympic Medalist hopeful's heart: Embrace Iowa -- 2008 Disaster Fund. Lolo is an Iowa native and has already donated her prize money from the Olympic Trials to Iowan victims who desperately needed help because of flooding and other endured hardships.

For every bottle of eos ultra moisturizing shave cream sold on between August 8, 2008 and August 24, 2008, eos will donate $1 to Embrace Iowa. Additionally, if Lolo medals in the Olympics, eos will donate a multiple of her time -- if Lolo wins the Gold, eos will donate $1,000 per second, if she wins the Silver, eos will donate $500 per second, or if she wins the Bronze, eos will donate $100 per second -- to Embrace Iowa. Embrace Iowa receives contributions from individuals, business and organizations to benefit Iowans who have experienced significant hardships as a result of the storms and floods of 2008, as well as promotes private sector contributions from Iowans and seeks funds outside of Iowa.

"My legs can help me win the Olympics, but being able to use them to help those suffering in my home state means more to me than winning a medal," says Lolo.

Lolo also recently denied a crazy Internet rumor that she would be racing a horse after the Olympics. Lolo said, "I don't know how that got started besides the fact that I did a commercial for a casino that races horses. They donated money for my family to come over to Beijing. How that got transformed into 'I will race a horse,' I have no clue, because I have a hard enough time with humans with two legs than to go race a horse with four."

Photo: PRNewsPhoto/eos Products LLC