Lookin' Good For Jesus Cosmetics Pulled From Shelves

Posted on February 12, 2008

Product from Lookin Good for Jesus cosmetics

A cosmetics line we had -- thankfully -- never heard of called Lookin' Good For Jesus is in big trouble. In fact, it's being pulled from Topshop store shelves after an outcry from Catholics. The incredibly tacky cosmetics feature a picture of Jesus and some blond bimbo giving him a come-thither look. The marketing materials ask women to use the products -- such as sparkle cream -- to attract Jesus' attention. And not in a wholesome, Flying Nun kind of way, either.

Some of the products reportedly included a "virtuous vanilla" lip balm and a "Get Tight with Christ" body cream.

Can you even imagine what would have happened if the product line was named "Lookin' Good For Mohammed"? The Muslim cartoon rioting incident would look like a lovefest compared with the rage that would erupt if a picture of Mohammed were put on a bottle of hand lotion with a scantily dressed woman (depictions of the prophet Mohammed are forbidden in Islam).

Note to cosmetics retailers: steer clear from using religious images on the packaging. Just a suggestion.