Looking For the Perfect Toy Animal

Posted on March 23, 2006

What a fabulous shower gift this would make! Created by artist Beth Doherty of Gourmet Amigurumi, Flora Fawn is made of acrylic yarn with plastic safety eyes and measures 7 1/2" tall x 8" long. One of a kind, the fawn is made using the Japanese form of crochet, amigurumi. This isn't your average baby toy. The artist explains:
So as the gift giving adult you need to know that these imaginative creatures fall more into the fine art category than a toy and they should be handled gently. Make them part of a special quiet time, allowing them to come down from the shelf to join in interactive storytelling. These will become some of the few childhood mementos that won't get packed away with the baby clothes.
Flora really reminds us of that scene in Through the Looking Glass when Alice wanders through the wood where everyone forgets his name and who he is. Alice meets a lovely fawn who doesn't run away from her because he doesn't know she's a human child that he's supposed to fear. The two become fast friends, but when they reach the edge of the wood, the fawn takes one look at Alice and bounds away in terror as he realizes she is a human. Bummer.

Flora Fawn retails for $75 at Mahar Drygoods, a wonderful store that features a variety of gifts, clothing and toys all made by talented artisans. Everything here is handmade and many of the items are in limited quantities. It's a great place to find an unusual and special gift for a favorite child. Although we're selfishly thinking that Flora Faun really is too darling to give away as a gift: perhaps he needs a nice home with a grownup who has fond memories of reading Alice in Wonderland as a child.