Love2Learn Elmo Unveiled at 2016 Toy Fair

Posted on February 24, 2016

Love2Learn Elmo sitting

Hasbro's latest Elmo toy was unveiled at the 2016 Toy Fair in New York City. The new Elmo is named Love2Learn Elmo. The animatronic plush toy works with an app that parents can use to program Elmo.

The latest Elmo can sing up to ten different songs and play several games. Forbes reports that the new Elmo has sensors in its hands, belly and nose. Elmo even has a lullaby mode that might also help get your child to take a nap. Here is an Elmo prototype introduced ahead of the Toy Fair singing a lullaby.

The best feature of the new Elmo is how it can help parents. The app has a set of Parent Helpers that parents can use to teach kids about brushing their teeth, good manners, healthy eating, cleaning up and more. The app even has a potty training helper. Elmo will ask your child by name if he or she wants to use the potty. At the Toy Fair, Elmo asked, "Amelia, do you need to use the potty?"

Parents can also use the app to teach Elmo personal information about their child, such as favorite color and foods. Love2Learn Elmo will have an MSRP of $69.99. It will arrive in stores this fall. Take a look:

Love2Learn Elmo standing

Photo: Hasbro