Lowe's to Launch Robot Named LoweBot

Posted on September 5, 2016

LoweBot in an aisle at Lowe's

Lowe's has announced plans to launch a robot called LoweBot. The robot is a NAVii autonomous retail service robot from Fellow Robots. Lowe's will provide the robot in 11 of its stores throughout the San Francisco Bay area. Lowe's has been testing one of the robots in its San Jose store.

Kyle Nel, executive director of Lowe's Innovation Labs, says in a statement, "For nearly two years, we've studied how robots in our San Jose Orchard Supply Hardware store can help customers more effectively navigate the store to find products and assist employees with inventory scanning. Now, we are taking those learnings and applying them to a focused group of Lowe's stores to see how the technology supports a broader customer and employee base."

LoweBot can help customers with simple questions. It can scan inventory and capture real-time data. The LoweBot can also make product recommendations. Lowe's says this free up time for employees to "focus on delivering project expertise and personalized service."

LoweBot helps out a customer seeking information

LoweBot is pictured above below helping a customer. Lowe's says LoweBot is ready to help customers after two years of testing. Lowe's says it can speak multiple languages. It uses a scanner to detect customers when they enter the store. Take a look:

Here's another video of one of the robot assistants from Fellow Robots in a store in Japan. The robot accosts a customer and introduces itself. The shopper then asks the robot where the cameras are and the robot guides her to the camera aisle. Take a look:

Photos: Lowe's