Lucky 13 Halloween Safety Guidelines From FDA, CPSC and CDC

Posted on October 23, 2010

Lucky 13 Halloween Safety

The FDA, CPSC and CDC have released the following "Lucky 13" guidelines for a safe Halloween. These are some good tips. The first suggestion is to make sure kids are wearing costumes with flame-retardant materials. The labels should say "flame resistant."

On makeup the Lucky 13 tips include testing any makeup you plan to use by putting a small amount on your arm a couple days ahead of time to make sure you don't getting a rash. You should also check FDA's list of color additives.

There is also the usual advice about not eating candy until it is inspect at home and never eating anything that is not commercially wrapped. To keep kids from being tempted they should be given a snack before heading out to Trick-or-treat.

The list also includes advise on eye safety. Experts warn against buying any contact lenses without a prescription. The Lucky 13 advisory says some of the lenses sold on the Internet and in retail outlets around Halloween can cause serious eye disorders and infections. You can find all the tips here in a PDF from the FDA.

Photo: FDA