Make Toast With Your Face on it With the Selfie Toaster

Updated June 4, 2016, originally posted on February 10, 2015

The Selfie Toaster

Hammacher Schlemmer has launched The Selfie Toaster. The toaster creates toast with your image burned onto it. The image is created from a headshot submitted by the owner of the toaster.

Selfies have become very popular over the past few years thanks to people taking pictures of themselves with smartphones. Selfie was the word of the year in 2013. A funny Selfie sitcom, starring Karen Gillan, launched last year. Devices like selfie sticks enable people to take even better selfies, but some places, such as museums, are starting to ban these items. With the explosive growth of selfies it was probably inevitable that a toaster that creates selfie toast would arrive.

Hammacher Schlemmer creates custom stainless steel inserts using a photograph you select for the toaster. The photograph used to create the inserts is uploaded using the provided instructions.

The Selfie Toaster costs $69.95. Your set of inserts will be sent separately about two weeks after you upload your photograph. The toaster can be found here on the Hammacher Schlemmer website. It would really be fun to be able to change the image the toaster is using. Perhaps one day that will be possible using your 3D printer.

Update: 6-4-16

Amazon also carries a version of the Selfie Toaster from Burnt Impressions. You could also use the toaster to create toast with your dog's face on them. You can order extra plates for the toaster from the Burnt Impressions website.

Toast with dog's face on it

Photo: Hammacher Schlemmer/Burnt Impressions

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