Make Zombie Cookies for Halloween

Updated September 13, 2016, originally posted on October 12, 2014

Zombie Dance Party Cookie Kit

Zombies have remained a hot trend in television and movies over the past few years. The excellent World War Z movie packed theaters with a film that was as much of a disease thriller as it was horror. AMC's The Walking Dead remains popular as it enters its seventh season. Syfy recently launched a zombie series called Z Nation. These popular shows and films means this Halloween is a good time whip up a batch of zombie cookies.

One way to make zombie cookies is with the new Zombie Dance Party Cookie Kit from Brand Castle. The kit features four zombie cutters, cookie mix, frosting mix, green color powder, icing pens and a piping bag. The kit makes just 8 to 10 cookies but the cookie cutters can be re-used to make more zombie cookies. The kit retails for around $12 and can found on

Fred's Zombie Cookie Cutters

If you want to buy zombie cookie cutters without buying a kit these are available as well. A handmade copper zombie cookie cutter can be found here on for $13.90. Sur la table was selling a copper zombie cookie cutter last year but it was discontinued. Sur la table says you might still be able to find it in some of its stores. Fred's also makes a set of Zombie Cookie Cutters (pictured above) featuring three different styles. They retail for $12 and can be found here on

You can also use a gingerbread man cutter to make zombie cookies by icing them creatively to look like zombies and cruelly breaking off some of their limbs. A good example of this is The Walking Dead Zombie Cookies recipe available here.

Photos: Brand Castle/Fred

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