Man Starts Camping Outside Best Buy for Black Friday 33 Days Early

Posted on October 26, 2015

A man is already camping outside a Black Friday store in Orlando for Black Friday. He started camping outside the store 33 days ahead of Black Friday. In this case it is not just someone trying to score a deal on an HDTV. It is also for a good cause because he is trying to raise awareness of homelessness in Orlando.

Kevin Sutton has pitched his tent outside the Best Buy at the Florida Mall in Orlando. He hosts a radio show for The Game in Orlando. Sutton told News 6 Orlando that he is accepting donations in the form of gifts, toys and money to give to the Love Pantry.

Sutton is also trying to break a Black Friday camping out record which was also set in Florida last year at 22 days. We have a feeling he is going to be the only person in line for quite some time.

Sutton says there are 13,000 children living homeless in Orlando. Sutton did the same thing last year to raise donations for the homeless and found success by camping out 15 days. He feels he could go even longer and collect even more food and toys this year. Take a look: