Mariah Carey Exits Hospital in a Sling

Posted on July 11, 2013

Mariah Carey with her arm in a sling

Mariah Carey is out of the hospital after being hospitalized for a dislocated shoulder earlier this week on the set of a remix music video. Her arm is now in what Mariah calls a "very fashionable sling." Mariah shared a photo and video of her leaving the hospital on Twitter, @MariahCarey. Mariah tweeted that she suffered a cracked rib, fractured shoulder and bruises. She also tweeted that the show must go on. Hopefully, she will also take plenty of rest and recovery time so her injuries can heal.

Mariah wrote on Twitter, "Thanks all for the well wishes <3 Still in a lot of pain - cracked rib, fractured shoulder, bruises everywhere, but the show must go on. In a sling, but will do my best to make it look good w/ the ensemble Sat w/ the NY philharmonic, an amazing honor for such a great cause."

Photo: Mariah Carey