Mastadon Skeleton Up for Auction on Ebay

Posted on March 24, 2008

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that a three million year old mastadon skeleton is up for sale on eBay. A family has kept the enormous mastadon skeleton in their garage for years.
Nancy Fiddler is cleaning out her garage in Sebastopol these days, which is the thing to do if your garage has a mastodon in it.

Not just any mastodon, but a full-grown one. It's among the finest examples of a fossilized mastodon in North America, and certainly the finest example of one in a Sebastopol garage.

Fiddler wants it gone. It's been in the family for 11 years, and that's long enough for the relationship to have run its course.

"This," she said, pointing to the creature that fills half the garage, "was something we felt we could let go of."
So far there haven't been any bids at all but it could be because the starting price is $115,000.
The mastodon ad began running last week. Since then, the number of bids has remained constant. There were none on Friday, none over the weekend and, as of Monday night, the running total was zero.

It could be the asking price. Fiddler set the minimum opening bid at $115,000. She figures the thing to be worth $800,000, but she is not the first person to discover that a precious family heirloom is perhaps worth less than the adoring family figured.
Mastadon bones have appeared on eBay before but a valuable complete skeleton like this one is very unusual. If someone does purchase this enormous skeleton they will have to pick it up themselves. Shipping is not included.

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