Matt Lauer Interviews Miley Cyrus on Today Show

Posted on October 7, 2013

Matt Lauer interview Miley Cyrus

Matt Lauer interviewed Miley Cyrus on the Today Show. Miley wore white short shorts for the interview and live performances. Lauer asked Miley about her controversial MTV VMAs performance and her recent Wrecking Ball video. She says this is who she is. She says everything in the VMAs performance went as planned. She says, "It went exactly as planned. It's a month later and we're still talking about it."

She's right that her performance is still being talked about. It inspired the SNL Destruction of America skit. There are also twerk costumes out that feature the same cartoon bear seen on the MTV stage.

Miley says she doesn't have much beyond a short term plan. She is planning to go on tour next year. She continues to say that she doesn't really worry about anything. She says she treats people well when she is off stage. Her mom was in the crowd. She says she trusts her parents a lot and can go to them about anything. Take a look:

Photo: Peter Kramer/NBC