Mattel Launches Barbie Spaghetti Chef at the 2016 Toy Fair

Updated July 6, 2016, originally posted on February 19, 2016

Barbie Spaghetti Chef

Barbie has had many careers over the years. Her careers seem to be getting very specific. Her latest career introduced at the 2016 Toy Fair is a spaghetti chef.

Barbie Spaghetti Chef comes with a Barbie doll and a kitchen play set so you can help Barbie cook up a spaghetti and meatball dinner. It includes two dough colors as well as cute tools for creating noodles and rolling meatballs. The dough is called Barbie dough.

Barbie Spaghetti Dough

Barbie Spaghetti Chef will arrive in stores this fall. It will cost $24.99. Update: The new Barbie toy has arrived in stores. It is listed here on the Mattel Shop and here on

Mattel could have also called this Barbie Pasta Chef or Barbie Italian Chef. A spaghetti chef seems like an overly specific designation like all she makes all the time is spaghetti. Take a look:

Photos: Mattel

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