Mattel Launches Mars Explorer Barbie

Posted on August 6, 2013

Mars Explorer Barbie Doll

Mattel has announced the launch of Mars Explorer Barbie. The doll is also called the Barbie I Can Be Space Explorer Doll. The doll is the 2013 Career of the Year Barbie doll. It was created in collaboration with NASA. The doll launches just as NASA's Curiosity rover is celebrating its first year on Mars. The doll costs $12.99.

Mars Explorer Barbie Doll close-up

Barbie is outfitted in a stylish space suit with pink reflective accents. The suit has a Barbie logo on the front. Barbie accessorizes with signature pink space boots. Barbie also carries a helmet and air tank so she can safely explore the surface of Mars without suffocating in the Mars' atmosphere, which is mostly carbon dioxide.

Mars Explorer Barbie African-American Doll

Mattel has made other space exploring Barbie dolls in the post. The first Astronaut Barbie was released in 1965 during the heart of the space race. Barbie was sent into space again in 1986.

Mars Explorer Barbie Packaging

Photos: Mattel