Maybelline Takes Aim at Lipstick Market

Posted on April 17, 2009

Maybelline has long been known as having the best inexpensive mascaras on the market. But now the company wants to be number one in the inexpensive lipstick category, as well. The company is launching its first salvo in the new lipstick wars with a new lip color collection called Color Sensational.

Color Sensational is a full line of lipsticks, glosses and liners. The lipsticks come in 48 shades. The company's research shows that the color of the lipstick is the main driving force in whether a consumer buys that lipstick or not. The new line also features a new technology.
Due to a new, innovative color dispersion system, the color seen on a Color Sensational lipstick bullet is what will transfer on the lips. "Color Sensational's pigments are dispersed in a patented polymer and emollient blend. This blend saturates the pigment and allows the color to bloom," said Debra Coleman Nally, director, R&D, L'Oreal USA. Creating a lipstick that feels soft on the lips was found to be the second most important lipstick trait. Color Sensational formulas address this concern by adding honey nectar.

In addition to the lipsticks, there are 12 shades of lip gloss using the same technology and 10 lip liners. Lip items fall into one of four shade families: red, pink, plum and natural, as consumers generally bucket themselves into one of these categories. Displays on the cosmetics wall group shade families together, so consumers can immediately deselect a family they know doesn't work for them.
We do love a good Lipstick War. Let the battles begin!