McDonald's Japan Offers Chocolate Covered French Fries

Posted on January 19, 2016

McChoco Potato chocolate covered fries from McDonald's Japan

McDonald's Japan has launched an interesting new item. It is called McChoco Potato. It is a combination of French fries and chocolate. The McDonald's fries are covered with two types of chocolate sauces - a cacao flavored chocolate sauce and a white milk chocolate sauce.

McDonald's says in a release that the item will only be available at its locations in Japan. It also says it once offered its Japanese customers an item called Shaka Shaka Potato, which is fries covered in a cheesy sauce or bacon.

McDonald's has announced no plans to let U.S. customers in on these different French fry offerings. You will have to fly to Japan to try them or add your own chocolate sauce to your own fries.

McChoco Potato will be available for a limited time in Japan starting on January 26.

Photo: McDonald's