Megan Fox, Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt Talk Friends With Kids

Posted on March 9, 2012

Megan Fox, Jon Hamm, Chris O'Dowd, and director, writer and actress Jennifer Westfeldt talk with Ken Lombardi of CBS News at a special screening of their new comedy, Friends with Kids. The film follows the adventures of a two friends (Westfeldt and Adam Scott) that decide to have a child, but not to get romantically involved. Jon says that he and Kristen Wiig play a couple that are sort of like what would happen if their characters from Bridesmaids got married.

Megan says that she could not do what the couple in the film do -- it would never work for her. Megan says she spent most of the time on set laughing at how funny Chris O'Dowd is in his scenes. She says so many of the actors in the film do improv that they were always improvising dialogue. The film also stars Maya Rudolph, Adam Scott and Ed Burns. Take a look: