Mel Gibson's Chair Collapses During Expendables 3 Interview

Posted on August 12, 2014

Sylvester Stallone, Kelsey Grammar, Terry Crews, Jason Statham, Mel Gibson, Wesley Snipes, Kellan Lutz and Dolph Lundgren sat down with ABC News to talk about The Expendables 3.

The interviewer asked Kellan Lutz what it was like working with so many action stars and Sly interrupted to say that he was very unimpressed with them. Kellan then revealed that they just threw the young guys on the set and started filming. Kellan revealed that Sly called him "Rhonda" during filming. When asked what he learned from the older stars, Kellan joked that he learned nothing. He then amended his answer to say he did learn how to take naps at noon.

Kelsey Grammer is new to the crew and said he loved working on the film. He said that it was great. He would suggest to Sylvester that a line "was not so great" and Sly would say "oh, that's from an old draft" then fix it.

It's a very funny interview, but the funniest part happens at around the 1:38 mark when Mel Gibson'character doesn't see the other guys as heroes with him as the villain. He thinks he's the hero and they are the bad guys. Then Mel's chair collapses. He leaps up looks accusingly at Kellan Lutz as if he thought a practical joke was being played on him. Then he sits on Sly's lap and protested that he just lost weight. They all change chairs and resume the interview.

The interview took a bit of a more serious turn when they were asked to give advice to their younger selves. Sylvester said it's important to find what you love and what you're good at in life. Mel then started talking about the importance of forgiveness. He said he's had to forgive and he's had to be forgiven. Then the interviewer asked Kelsey Grammer about forgiving the man who abducted, raped and murdered his 18 year-old sister Karen Grammer in 1975. Grammer forgave the man, spree killer Freddie Glenn, at his parole hearing, but asked that he not be released from prison.

At the end, each was asked to sum up his experience of working on the film in one word. Kellan Lutz cracked everyone up when he said "ecstasy." Kellan's was "ecstasy." Jason Statham answered, "Miserable...what movie did you guys make?" Sylvester's word was also funny: adorable. Take a look:

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