Melissa Clark Makes Traditional Potato Latkes

Posted on November 30, 2012

Melissa Clark from The New York Times' dining section demonstrates how to make authentic potato latkes, a traditional food for Hanukkah which begins on December 8th this year. Melissa recommends grating the potatoes and onions together in a food processor to help stop the oxidation of the potatoes. Then squeeze out all the excess liquid with a clean dish towel. The less liquid in the latkes, the crisper they will be. She adds flour, eggs, baking powder and salt. She uses safflower oil to fry the latkes in small, bite size pieces. She says to only flip them once so they won't be greasy. Melissa likes to serve the latkes as appetizers. She takes hot latkes and garnishes them with sour cream, smoked salmon and green onion. Take a look:

You can see Melissa's recipe for Traditional Potato Latkes here. Melissa also likes to make a sweeter, lighter version of latkes with apples and cinnamon sour cream. You can see that recipe here.