Melissa McCarthy Stars in Kia Motors Super Bowl Ad

Posted on February 2, 2017

Melissa McCarthy stars in Kia Motors Super Bowl Ad

Melissa McCarthy stars in a 2017 Super Bowl ad. The ad, called "Hero's Journey," will air in the third quarter of the big game. The ad features a whale, a falling tree, a charging rhino and more. Advertisers have been teasing their Super Bowl ads for the past week or more.

Melissa says in a statement, "For years, I’ve been trying to find the perfect project that combined the real threat of me breaking every bone in my body, with my desire to help save the environment. Thanks Kia!!! XOXO Love, Melissa."

The ad is for the Niro crossover. Melissa is an eco-warrior in the ad. She tries to save whales, trees, rhinos and ice caps using the Niro as her main means of transportation. She finds that being a hero can be extremely dangerous.

Take a look:

Photo: Kia Motors