Merlin Entertainments and DreamWorks to Launch Shrek Theme Park

Posted on February 27, 2014

Image of Shrek

Merlin Entertainments and DreamWorks have announced plans to build a Shrek theme park. The popular Shrek films have brought in over $3.5 billion in global box office revenue. The companies plan to build six attractions over a nine year period. The first attraction will open in London in the summer of 2015. The feature attraction will transport visitors through a live interactive adventure featuring Shrek, Fiona, Donkey and other characters from the animated film franchise.

The London-based attraction will be sited at County Hall alongside Merlin's other attractions in the South Bank cluster, which include the EDF Energy London Eye. The 20,000 square ft. experience will be based on a brand new adventure being written by the DreamWorks team. The site will feature character courtyard where visitors will be able to meet Shrek and his swamp friends, along with characters from other DreamWorks animated films. There will be a rotating exhibit area and a shop.

Jeffrey Katzenberg, ceo of DreamWorks Animation, says in a statement, "We're excited to work with Merlin to build something that we think is going to be a singularly unique way to experience Shrek and his world. This attraction is going to be unlike anything that currently exists and will undoubtedly become a new type of destination for families."

Photo: DreamWorks Animation