Mia Farrow's Testimony Makes Naomi Campbell Out to Be a Big Liar

Posted on August 9, 2010

The war crimes trial of Liberian dictator Charles Taylor took another dramatic twist when actress Mia Farrow took the stand and contradicted the testimony of Naomi Campbell. Mia said Naomi rushed in to breakfast the next morning and excitedly told Mia and her children that Charles Taylor had given her a huge diamond. Naomi had earlier testified that she didn't know who the gift was from, and that it was a bag of dirty looking stones (they turned out to be uncut diamonds).

We're not sure what difference it makes in the case, although Mia is clearly calling Naomi a big liar. Naomi said she gave the diamonds to the head of Nelson Mandela's charity and his testimony backed up her story. He still has the stones, which is odd considering this all happened over a decade ago. Naomi won't be pleased by Mia's testimony, that's for sure. Mia Farrow should avoid being in the same room as Naomi and her telephone, just to be safe. Take a look: