Michelle Obama Joins Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell for the Ew! Show

Posted on February 21, 2014

Michelle Obama and Will Ferrell join Jimmy Fallon the Ew show

First Lady Michelle Obama was a guest on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and participated in the sketch "Ew" in which BFFs Sara (Jimmy Fallon) and Stacy (Will Farrell) discuss things they love (Harry Styles) and things that make them go "ew!" (pretty much everything). The girls have a shy face off, which Mrs. Obama easily wins. She tells the girls to call her Michelle and talks about how much she loves the Olympics. This leads to a triple hand hug. The First Lady tells the girls that exercise and eating right is "not ewww" and tells them that dancing is exercise. A dance party is next. Mrs. Obama even got the girls to try some kale chips, which is really funny. "They're so green," says Stacy, after calling them "gross." Take a look:

Photo: Lloyd Bishop/NBC