Microsoft and Sony Sell Over 12 Million Units of New Video Game Consoles

Posted on April 18, 2014

Titanfall screenshot

Microsoft announced that it has now sold over 5 million Xbox One consoles. Meanwhile, Sony announced that is has sold over 7 million units of the PlayStation 4 (PS4). Both game manufacturers have been generating very strong sales for the new consoles launched last fall.

Titanfall was the hottest game in March 2014 according to NPD sales data. The game is only available for the Xbox and the PC, so the video game's popularity is helping Microsoft. Despite the Titanfall boost the Xbox One remains behind the PS4 in sales. However, both companies have moved tons of units and are leaving Nintendo's Wii U behind. Both consoles are likely to be very hot items again this fall, when there should be some good bundles available containing the consoles and hot new games.

Photo: Electronic Arts