Miley Cyrus Gets Rolling Stone Tattoo on Bottom of Her Feet

Posted on September 24, 2013

Miley Cyrus Rolling Stone Tattoo on Feet

Miley Cyrus has the words "Rolling $tone" tattooed on her feet. Miley shared the image of the weird tattoo on Instagram. Miley covers the latest issue of the magazine. Miley captioned her foot photo, "#rattatattat @RollingStone"

Rolling Stone reports that Miley's new tattoo was done by a tattoo artist named Mojo. The Rolling Stone tattoo joins Miley's tattoos of a peace sing, equal sign, heart, cross, the Roman numerals VIIXCI and a Leonardo da Vinci sketch and more. There is also a tattoo inside Miley's right ear that says, "Love."

Photo: Miley Cyrus