Model Lily Cole Launches Rubber Jewelry Line With Sky Rainforest Rescue

Posted on June 6, 2013

Lily Cole Amazonian Wild Rubbert jewelry collection

The Telegraph is reporting that model Lily Cole has partnered with Sky Rainforest Rescue to launch a jewelry collection made from wild rainforest rubber. Cole even flew to Acre to meet to villagers who collect the Amazonian wild rubber.

Lily explained wild rubber to The Telegraph in an interview. She says, "Right now there isn't a market distinction between wild rubber and plantation rubber. Essentially it costs more to produce wild rubber because it's a much more manual, less industrialised process; local tappers have to go into the forest and tap the trees accordingly. In the short-term the land is more valuable for cattle farming, so currently there isn't enough of a financial incentive to do wild rubber trading, to protect the forest from being deforested."

Lily's collection includes earrings, rings and necklaces. The collection can be found here on Some of the items have already sold out.

Inga-Khaki Lily Cole Amazonian Wild Rubber and Metal Necklace