Monopoly is Letting Players Choose New Game Tokens

Posted on January 11, 2017

New Monopoly Game Tokens

Hasbro is giving players a chance to select new game tokens for the classic version of the Monopoly game. This means one or more favorite game tokens could be removed. The game set will only come with eight tokens.

Hasbro also did this in 2013 and the result was the the iron was replaced with a cat token. The cat token was a great choice.

There are dozens of new options for new tokens. They include a Scooter, Sunglasses, Horse, Cell Phone, Hashtag, Typewriter, Money Clip, Jet Ski, Life Preserver, Surf Board, Sail Boat, Fire, T-Rex, TV, Computer, Trumpet, Gramophone, Beach Ball, Helicopter, Monster Truck, Race Car, City Boat, Tortoise, Watch, Wink Face Emoji, Cowboy Hat, Bowtie, Bunny Slipper, Cowboy Boot, Kissy Face Emoji, Key and many more.

Any of these tokens could be removed from the game: Cat, Scottie, Thimble, Car, Battleship, Boot, Hat, Wheel Barrow. It will a letdown if a classic Monopoly token is replaced by something like a Kissy Face Emoji. You can cast your vote here.

Photo: Hasbro