Nancy Reagan Assists Barack Obama in Signing Ronald Reagan Centennial Commission Act

Posted on June 2, 2009

President Barack Obama personally escorted former US first lady Nancy Reagan to the signing of the Ronald Reagan Centennial Commission Act in the Diplomatic Room of the White House today. Nancy looked fabulous in a red pantsuit, just like Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice do. That's right, she's wearing a pantsuit instead of a skirted suit and looks just fabulous. That is a major change from her days as first lady.

Nancy uses a cane now and leaned on the president with her other arm as he spoke. If you watch until the end of the clip, Barack escorts her to the signing table, where she keeps her hand on his shoulder. He is so natural with her, it surely must have reminded him of when he would walk with his own grandmother. That ease of knowing just how to place an elderly person's arm on yours so they feel stable when they walk only comes from long practice. Take a look: