Narciso Rodriguez: RTW Fall 2009

Posted on February 18, 2009

Narciso Rodriguez used a double runway set up to show his 2009 fall ready to wear collection, which seemed appropriate because it really felt like two different collections were shown. First up was an array of fantastic, futuristic daywear in monochromatic, sharp silhouettes. Skinny pants, ankle boots, a perfectly tailored military-inspired coat with criss-cross detailing all executed in beige made for a stunning presentation. The daywear had very sharp, shapely shoulders and the silhouettes were compelling.

The next part of the show went day-glo with bright, fun lime green and neon colors. There were bandage dresses and camoflage. There were even camoflage tights. There was something for every aged woman in this collection, which is quite canny on the designer's part. And who couldn't love those Albertus Swanepoel bucket hats that came down over the models' faces with eye holes so they could see out? You'd think hats like that would give off a ski mask/bank robber vibe, but they didn't. We were getting a sort of an odd sort of Twilight Zone vibe off them. It was really quite delightfully creepy -- and surprising coming from Narciso Rodriguez.

Oh, and for the haters who will inevitably bring up the Cosby Kids/Fat Albert/Dumb Donald references, we don't want to hear it. Here's the video clip: