Natalie Portman Covers November 2013 Issue of Marie Claire

Posted on October 16, 2013

Natalie Portman covers November 2013 issue of Marie Claire

Actress Natalie Portman covers the Novmeber 2013 issue of Marie Claire. She's wearing Dior Haute Couture on the cover photographed by Tesh. Natalie reveals in the interview that she really loves Los Angeles, but she will be moving to Paris at the end of 2014. She also talks about being typecast for Jewish roles and her vices.

On Leaving Los Angeles for Paris: "I just really, really love it here. It's one of the most exciting places to be in the world right now. It's really central in terms of the arts. It feels like things are happening in L.A., you know? New York is more where art is bought than where art is made. I'm really lucky. When Ben asked me if I wanted to go to Paris, I freaked. Everyone dreams of living in Paris."

On Being Typecast by Hollywood: "Like, every Jewish role comes to me. I look more Jewish than Scarlett [Johansson]."

On Her Vices: "I bite my cuticles. Oh, and I can go into a Food Network hole."

You can view the photos from Natalie's Marie Claire shoot here.

Photo: Marie Claire