National Aquarium in Baltimore Welcomes Bayley

Posted on November 22, 2008

Bayley the Dolphin

The National Aquarium in Baltimore are welcoming a young dolphin named Bayley. Bayley's name was chosen after the National Aquarium received over 22,000 votes from the public. Bayley is now 4 months old and spends most of her time exploring her environment and playing with the other young dolphin, Foster. She has begun interacting with trainers and eating fish. The trainers say they are very encouraged by Bayley's intelligence and eagerness to play. Bayley is the 10th successful dolphin birth at the National Aquarium since 1990. She lives in the National Aquarium's nursery pool with her mother, 16-year old mother Chesapeake, and her grandmother, 26-year old Shiloh.

Sue Hunter, director of animal programs at the National Aquarium, says in a statement, "The marine mammal staff at the National Aquarium is very happy with the name Bayley. A dolphin calf's survival in the first few months of life depends on the care its mother provides, and so naming her after her mother Chesapeake is perfect."

The National Aquarium in Baltimore, a non-profit organization, hosts more than 1.6 million visitors per year. The Aquarium offers daily shows, dolphin encounters, behind the scenes tours and other programs. The public can help support the National Aquarium's dolphins and other animals through its Aquadopt program.

Photo: PRNewsFoto/National Aquarium