National Zoo Holds Farewell Party for Tai Shan

Posted on January 31, 2010

Tai Shan Eats CakeTai Shan, a 4 year old panda, is leaving the National Zoo in Washington D.C. for China on February 4. The zoo hosted a farewell party to say goodbye yesterday. The panda has been very popular with D.C. residents. His pictures have also been posted all over the Internet.

Tai Shan will fly from Dulles International Airport directly to Chengdu, China, with a keeper and veterinarian from the National Zoo. Mei Lan, a three-year-old female panda born at Zoo Atlanta, will be accompanying Tai Shan on the trip. The National Zoo staff traveling with him will stay in China for a week as he transitions to life in his new home at Bifengxia Panda Base in Ya'an, Sichuan.

Here is a video of Tai Shan's farewell party. He got a special frozen cake made of apple, carrots, beets and bamboo to eat. Take a look:

Photo: National Zoo

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