New Bodum Toaster is a Flatbed With No Slots

Posted on October 27, 2009

Bodum Flatbed Toaster Black

Bodum's new Bistro Flatbed Toaster is a flatbed toaster with no slots. Your bread or bagels rest on the toaster's surface. A dial controls the temperature and desired level of browning. The toaster also has a slide-out crumb tray. Bodum says its toaster can toast any type of bread, no matter how thick it is. The toaster has a 10 1/4" x 7" stainless-steel surface and contains a 700-watt heating element. It has a crumb tray that slides out for cleaning like a regular toaster or toaster oven.

The slotless toaster can be purchased in black here on for $89.95. The toasters are also available in different colors from Bodum. It seems like it might heat up your kitchen more than a toaster oven, but it is a cool looking device.

Photo: Bodum