New Smart Onesie Monitors Baby's Vital Signs Including Heart Rate and Sleeping Position

Posted on January 10, 2014

Mimo Baby Onesie

CNN's Mike Galanos looks at a very interesting new product at the Consumer Electronic Show. This smart onesie called the Mimo baby monitor monitor's your baby's breathing, temperature and activity level and sends the information over your home network to a device of your choice. It also monitors the baby's sleeping position, so you know if your baby is It is machine washable, the technology will not be affected. The onesie is made Rest Devices and is powered by Intel technology. The onesie will sell for around $199 and will be available soon. In future, the turtle on the onesie will interface with other devices, so that when the baby wakes up, a bottle begins to warm. Nursery 2.0 is going to be pretty high-tech, it appears.

Photo: Rest Devices