New Snuggie Styles Revealed at New York Fashion Show

Posted on September 15, 2009

Snuggie Fashion Show

Top designers are currently showing their Spring 2010 collections at New York Fashion Week. Snuggies have also hit the runway in a runway show revealing several new Snuggie styles and colors. Allstar Products Group, LLC held a Snuggie Fashion Show in New York City to introduce the next generation of the Snuggie blanket. There were also canine models in new Snuggie for Dogs blanket coats.

Some of the new Snuggie colors and patterns for fall/winter 2009 include zebra and leopard print Snuggie designs. There will also be a luxury microplush Snuggie available in berry red, chocolate brown and deep navy. Snuggie also plans to offer limited Midnight Black and Passion Purple versions of the classic Snuggie as well as a tie dye Snuggie called the Snuggadelic Snuggie and a camouflage Snuggie.Allstar says the new Snuggie designs will be available at retail outlets this month.

Update: Don't miss The Cut's hilarious first-person account of the Snuggie exclusive style event. They even had gift bags.

Photo: Snuggie