Nikola Tesla Socks Feature a Tesla Coil

Posted on June 21, 2016

Nikola Tesla Socks

There are finally some socks on the market for Nikola Tesla fans. The genius inventor is known for his numerous experiments inventions including the modern AC electrical system and the Tesla coil.

The socks are black with a blue top and tip. They have Tesla's name on the top. There is also an image of a Tesla coil. The electrifying socks were created by Archie McPhee.

McPhee says, "This sock pays homage to the genius of electricity, Nikola Tesla. Now the inventor of alternating current can keep your tootsies warm with a soft combed cotton blend. Decorated with a Tesla Coil, these are socks even Edison could appreciate."

The socks cost $8.95 and can be found here on

Photo: Archie McPhee