Bendable Bacon Action Figure for International Bacon Day

September 2, 2017
Mr. Bacon bendable action figure

Today is International Bacon Day, a day when bacon is celebrated around the globe. The holiday has been observed on the Saturday before Labor Day since 2000 according to Checkiday. One obvious way to celebrate the holiday is to make bacon! Another way is to become aware of this bendable bacon action figure called the Mr.Bacon Bendable Action Figure.

Mr. Bacon from Accoutrements has a peculiar facial expression. He looks like he could be angry but it he could just be really confident. The figure stands just over 5.5 inchces tall. He is made from soft vinyl and has bendable arms and legs. If you bend the arms so he is making a welcoming gesture then Mr. Bacon will look friendly. If you bend his arms so he is saying "stop" or "stay away" then he might looking angry.

Archie McPhee says, "You love bacon and Mr. Bacon loves you. He wants to be your best bendable bacon buddy."

Mr. Bacon is wearing white gloves and black shoes. He can be found on for $7.99.

Image: Archie McPhee

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