Buttered Corn Day is Probably Corn Cob Guy's Favorite Holiday

August 23, 2017
LEGO Corn Cob Guy

Today is Buttered Corn Day, a special day when buttered corn is celebrated around the globe. No one is likely a bigger proponent of the holiday than Corn Cob Guy, a man dressed up in a corn cob suit to promote local corn festivals. LEGO made Corn Cob Guy one of its minifigures earlier this year as part of Minifigure Series 17.

LEGO says in its Corn Cob Guy listing that the corn festival is a huge event and that being the Corn Cob Guy is a "big responsibility."

LEGO also says, "He's got to know lots of corn-related trivia and always keep his costume clean and shiny so that he can give the very best impression of corn. He's even been practicing acting like an ear of corn. He just hopes it doesn't get too hot out - he wouldn't want his costume to start popping!"

We suspect Corn Cob Guy is from somewhere in the Midwest as the biggest corn producing states are Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and Nebraska. The LEGO Corn Cob Guy can be found on Amazon.com for $7.99.

Image: LEGO

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