Chips Ahoy Now Available in Cereal Form

February 20, 2018
Chips Ahoy Cereal

Chips Ahoy is now available in cereal form. Post Originals recently debuted its new Chips Ahoy! cereal.

Post says, "If you love chocolate chip cookies - and seriously who doesn't - try this chip off the old block!" The cereal resembles little chocolate chip cookies. Cookies for breakfast is not a healthy idea although it isn't necessarily worse than many other cereals currently available on grocery store shelves.

The nutrition facts - available - indicate that 1 cup of Chips Ahoy cereal has 120 calories, 24 grams of carbs, 11 grams of sugar and less than 1 gram of fiber. If you are adding milk you will need to factor that in as well.

The cereal was first released in December. Recently, Walmart has been promoting it on its site. You can find the cereal in Walmart stores and on

Image: Post

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