Crawling Monster Hand for Halloween

October 6, 2017
Crawling Halloween Monster Hand

Grandin Road has a crawling hand animated decoration for Halloween. It is called the Crawling Halloween Monster Hand. Grandin Road first unveiled the Crawling Hand in 2011 but it remains a fun concept in 2017. It might remind you somewhat of Thing from The Addams Family. If it doesn't scare your Halloween guests it might frighten your pets.

Grandin Road says, "Just turn this animated hand on, and this harrowing hand begins to "walk" on its own while making a bone-rattling tapping noise." The hand requires 3 AA batteries, which come included.

The hand is wearing a ring and has a creepy spider or crab-like movement. It retails for $24 and can be found on Here is a video of three of the hands in action. One of them plunges off a table. Take a look:

Image: Grandin Road