Google Launches Virtual Fidget Spinner

Posted on June 20, 2017

Google Fidget Spinner
The fidget spinner craze has been going on now for several months. Google has joined in on the fun by creating a virtual fidget spinner. The spinner shows up if you search for "spinner" on Google.

You can spin Google's fidget spinner with your mouse. If you will spin slowly of quickly depending on how you pull down on it. You can also just press the word "spin" underneath it. The spinner also pauses if you click on it.

FiveThirtyEight has been analyzing the fidget spinner trend and they say it is already past its peak. They still take up most of the slots on Amazon's top bestseller list so it isn't quite over yet. When we first starting writing about fidget spinners every slot on Amazon's bestselling toy list was occupied by a fidget spinner so the trend is definitely start to fade at least as far as sales of fidget spinners goes.

Image: Google
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