Cute Cat-Shaped Japanese Sandals Called Nyarageta

Posted on June 22, 2017

Nyarageta Cat-shaped Sandals

There have been many shoes and sandals with cat designs and cat features over the years. These cat sandals are even more catlike with the base of the sandal resembling a cute little cat. The sandals have a cat-like body, cat ears and a short cat tail.

Sora News 24 reports that the sandals are called Nyarageta. The "Nya" portion of the word is Japanese for "meow." The sandals are made by a Japanese footwear company called Narageta.

The sandals are not sold in the U.S. so if you want to purchase them you will have to order them from Japan. They can be found online at the Village Vanguard online store where they retail for 3,780 Yen, which is about $34 U.S.

Black cat shaped sandals

Image: Narageta

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