Patrick Ewing Sneaker Inspired by Pickles

March 28, 2019

A new sneaker from Patrick Ewing was inspired by Grillo's Pickles. The pickle company partnered with Ewing Athletics to launch the pickle-inspired sneaker. It retails for $140.

Travis Grillo, Founder and CEO of Grillo's Pickles, says in a statement, "In 2008, I launched Grillo's Pickles out of a wooden street cart in the Boston Common selling two spears for $1.00 after missing out on an opportunity to be a sneaker designer at Nike. An artist by trade, I created a line of vibrant, pickle-inspired streetwear to differentiate Grillo's fresh products from other street food vendors - and it worked. Since then, our customers' love for my family's 100-year-old Italian recipe has skyrocketed, and it's become clear that people want to rep brands they believe in. We've always been dedicated to giving our customers creative merchandise that coincides with their lifestyle, and the Grillo's sneaker is just another way for them to feel connected to us and wear their brand loyalty proudly."

The sneaker dubbed "the Pickle" was inspired by the brand's ingredients - cucumbers, salt, dill, garlic, water, grape leaves & vinegar - and its jars. Sam the Pickle Man, is embroidered on the back of the shoe and an image of Grillo's original pickle cart is located on the insole.

You can buy the shoe at Ewing Athletics.

Image: Grillo's Pickles

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