Prada's $185 Paperclip is Meant to be a Money Clip

June 28, 2017
Prada Paperclip shaped money clip

Prada appears to now be in the office supply business. They have released a luxury version of the paperclip. It retails for $185. Barneys was carrying the item but it can no longer be found on The cached page can still be pulled up with Google.

The oversized paper clip is actually a money clip designed in the shape of a paperclip. The Barneys product page called it a "Paperclip-shaped Money Clip." It is polished in sterling silver and has "Prada" embossed on one side.

As CNN notes people are unimpressed with the luxury paperclip concept. No one can get passed the idea of a luxury brand releasing an expensive paperclip. CNN says you could buy about 13,000 paperclips at Office Depot for $185. They also says Prada's money clip costs $13 per square centimeter. The Barneys New York listing said the clip measures 6.25 cm by 2.25 cm (2.5 by 0.9 inches).

Image: Prada

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